Demo submission

If you want to send us demos, please go ahead. We like to hear new sounds. Especially, if they are truly new. We promise to give everything we receive a fair chance as long as submissions take the pointers below into account. 

  • Don't send music that's already publicly available. 
  • Tell us why you're sending your music to us specifically.
  • Having a manager & booking agent helps. If you're just yourself we expect you to be patient and OK with not releasing more than individual tracks before a full team is on board.
  • We work internationally and expect our artists to be willing to invest the time and money it can require to make touring outside Denmark happen.
  • It's always great to be able to influence the final records and how they're presented. So don't worry about not having a final master - we actually prefer to get demos.
  • Being able to show that you've created a fanbase on your own is a major plus. Not just because it makes our job easier but because it reassures us that you have good understanding of our side of the business. 
  • Our release schedule is usually packed 8-12 months ahead and while it may seem like a long time to wait we know from experience that it’s what’s needed for us to do a good job. 

Send us your music on SubmitHub. We ONLY accept streaming links (Soundcloud for instance). So please do not email mp3, wav, dropbox-invitation etc. Thanks for understanding.

We cannot promise a response to demo submissions. You shouldn’t place much importance on our opinions anyway; our opinion of your music shouldn’t matter nearly as much as your own. If we like something enough to release it, you’ll definitely hear back from us.