Blondage releases second single "BOSS"


Blondage releases second single "BOSS"

A new catchy single from Blondage is out in the world and we're so proud to have released it. 

A straight-to-the-heart pop hymn with a message delivered by piercing vocals from Esben and Pernille alike.

It’s the sound of a generation that wants to dance, cry, dream and create change all at once.

“”BOSS” is not just a song to us - it’s a necessary emotion of rebellion and hope. It completely took over our minds and hearts and ended up wiping all other songs we were working on off the table. We played the song live just four days after writing the first chords and the reaction from the crowd was big. It’s released just a month after we finished it, and it feels more present to us than any song we’ve put out before. “BOSS” had a will of its own, and it had to be set free immediately.” - Blondage

Foto by Jason Idris Alami.

Listen here and make your day a whole lot more bouncy!