Introducing "Credo" by August Rosenbaum


Introducing "Credo" by August Rosenbaum

Today the acclaimed Danish pianist and composer August Rosenbaum releases the second track from his forthcoming full length album Vista, due for release on Nov 24, 2017.

"Credo" is a romantic fantasy. The song floats on layers of silky choral voices that could fit in a church setting. And then there’s a tension bubbling below as the lyrics repeat “say you want no more, say you want no more”. The choir in the song are the voices of Coco and Robin (of Quadron). And the auto-tuned lead vocal cuts through with the clarity of a an altar boy at a church mass in the year 2050.

“To me that is the core of the song; the tension in the the play between dirty and pretty, sacred and perverse. I imagine scenes from old Polanski movies or French actress Catherine Deneuve in Luis Buñuel’s Belle De Jour” - August Rosenbaum

Listen to "Credo" below or via your platform of choice here.