New music video and tour dates from The New Spring

The New Spring's new music video is a lonely postcard from Chicago. The Danish folk-darling reveals the visuals for "There Is No Life on Other Planets". It's taken from his forthcoming album Wholly Wholly (out on Feb 2, 2018)

Director Nanna Rosenfeldt-Olsen about the video

"I was biking around Chicago listening to Bastian's song. The feeling of loneliness while being surrounded by all the movements and lights in a big city - something happened when this was juxtaposed to the barren planets in Batian's lyrics. It resonated with the beauty of moving in a foreign space alone and noticing small things in my new everyday life", Nanna says and further elaborates on the video's shift between Chicago and Copenhagen:

"I mixed the components of the plants from the Botanical garden in Copenhagen and Bastian's presence by cutting back and forth from the VHS footage from Copenhagen and the digital footage from Chicago. I wanted it to feel like travelling through time and space - like the two places were speaking to each other."

In addition to this The New Spring is going on a DK tour and will place at following places.

20.04 - TAPE, Aarhus -

21.04 - Huset-KBH, København -

28.04 - Studenterhus, Odense -

03.05 - Tøjhuset, Fredericia -

04.05 - Konfus, Esbjerg -

05.05 - Harders, Svendborg -

Wholly Wholly is Bastian's most ambitious album so far. The record, that is produced by Jens Ramon Murga, has been two years in the making and for the first time Bastian has recruited a full band for the recordings. The combination of their contribution and Bastian's still more impressive and characteristic songwriting makes for an experimental folk pop album full of strong and convincing melodies that aim to please as well as challenge the listener.

Get your digital copy of Wholly Wholly here or a physical copy here.