Playlist Update, week 25


Playlist Update, week 25

This time we've updated our playlists with new favorite tunes for the summer. Enjoy and welcome the sun!

  • "Corner Store" by Girlpool (Anti)
  • "Dusty Eyes" by Bedouine (Spacebomb Records)
  • "On Another Day" by Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood (Kemado Records)
  • "Pieces" by Mariam The Believer (repeat until Death)
  • "Boss" by Blondage (Tambourhinoceros)
  • "Sugar" by Beach Fossils (Captured Tracks)
  • "Heaven" by LIV (Ingrid)
  • "Mercury" by Planetarium (4ad)
  • "Want to be Alone" by Modest (Shordwood Records)

And more...


  • Independent Favorites, our 'mother playlist' containing all tracks, the only theme is that all the music has been released independently. Listen & Follow
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  • Alternative Pop Favorites, ambitous artists not scared of the mainstream while making it bearable for the rest of us. Listen & Follow
  • Folk Favorites, great storytelling, lyrics and (mostly) acoustic instruments. Listen & Follow