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The New Spring - Wholly Wholly out now!

It is finally here! Wholly Wholly is now available on all streaming services, digital download and vinyl. This album is Bastian Kallesøes most ambitious work yet and for the first time he has recruited an entire band in the recordings, which you can hear very easily.

Wholly Wholly expands in pace and mood through its 10 songs. The opening track “Gershwin’s Invisible Year” reveals the album’s sound layer by layer before it shifts over to the folk-pop gem “The Moon” which almost has a Graceland-vibe to it. The 10 minute folk-symphony “Ballad of the Unseeing Eye” welcomes the listener on a tremendous journey right until the beginning of the end is initiated by the lead single “Gershwin Wakes Up Singing”.

As always when The New Spring is releasing new songs, the lyrics are worth mentioning. They are refined and imaginative from beginning to end. Bastian guides the listener through every day problems, existential considerations and death, while the narrative only shifts once from first person to third person.

“one of 2018’s most notable early releases; a moment of tender recline from a world that rarely offers such things; a subtle breeze in the heat of summer” GoldFlakePaint

“This is what Kallesøe does, drawing us in with his unique, soft vocals and titillating melodies and rhythms” The Revueth

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