Here's the the album discography of Danish independent record label Tambourhinoceros.

Releases - Albums


Treefight For Sunlight, Pizza

Treefight For Sunlight's sophomore album is entitled no less than Pizza. The album is complex yet immediately appealing and catchy.


Chorus Grant LP digi

On Jan 20, 2014 the first song and music video from the upcoming Chorus Grant album was revealed to great international hype. The album is entitled “Space” and was released February 24, 2014 in Scandinavia, Iceland and the Baltics.

Served in its Juices

Birthgiving Toad - Served in its Juices

Birthgiving Toad - or Lasse Bækby Buck, who in 2012 released the box set Bicycle Cassettes (3 albums on cassette) is ready with his 4th album in 18 months (!).


Adagio by 4 Guys From The Future

Adagio is the 2nd album by Danish alternative rock band 4 Guys From The Future. 

clean spasms

Choosing the right words to describe clean spasms is a challenge. On one hand it's pop (may even be the record with the most hook lines we've ever released) and on the other hand it's avant-garde.

Coral Carol

Coral Carol is the first release of PRE-Be-UN. 17 tracks on two sides of a tape, each side is 19:56 minutes long.

As Fruit Hat

As Fruit Hat by Birthgiving Toad came to life shortly after the first record For Awkward Company was finished.

Music For Young Centaurs

This is a carefully selected digest of a jam with Birthgiving Toad and Den Drones (Piotr Szwajgier) in a small house in Warzaw, Poland.

For Awkward Company

The album was written and recorded on the Danish island Funen in 2010, starting on new years eve 2009/2010.

Secret Armor

Secret Armor is the second full-length album by The New Spring. Bastian Kallesøe plays all the instruments on the album which has been produced and mixed by Tambourhinoceros co-founder Aske Zidore. 


Newspeak is the debut album from the twin duo Kirsten & Marie.

The album is a fully orchestrated neo-folk album with classical guitars, violins, percussion etc.

Reminiscence of a Bodily Blues

Reminiscence of a Bodily Blues is the debut album from Danish act Kala-OK. Kristian Mondrup is the main man behind Kala-OK. He also produced, mixed and mastered Reminiscence of a Bodily Blues.


Grønflammeskoven a children's book with an accompanying CD with 13 songs featuring singers from When Saints Go Machine, Figurines, Choir of Young Believers, Quadron, Mew, Oh No Ono, Kirsten & Marie, Mit Nye Band, Kloak, 4 Guys

The New Spring

The New Spring is the debut album from The New Spring.

Gate 5

Gate 5 is the second album from Thulebasen.


RPEX is the debut album by FCAN. An ambitious pursuing the effect of the so called Mind Space Trigger:

Here's FCAN's own explanation of the concept:

New Brigade (album)

New Brigade is the debut album by Iceage. It was first released by Tambourhinoceros and Escho (joint release) on January 10, 2011.

Under The New Morning Sun

Under The New Morning Sun was the debut album of 4 Guys From The Future. An album that features the alternative mini-hit singles "Life is Up To You" and "Don't Help Me Up".

A Collection Of Vibrations For Your Skull

A Collection of Vibrations For Your Skull is the debut album by Treefight For Sunlight. The album is produced and mixed by Tambourhinoceros co-founder Aske Zidore.

Clean Sunset

Clean Sunset is the debut album by Shout Wellington Air Force, a Danish experimental group that sadly chose to disband in 2011. The album was deservedly received very well by music critics and reached several year-lists in 2010.


Eggs was the second album by Oh No Ono. The album was composed in 2007/2008 followed by a nine month recording process during 2008/2009. Rumour has it that just a few tracks on the album has less than 300 audio tracks(!).


Yes is the debut album by Oh No Ono.