The complete EP discography of Danish independent record label Tambourhinoceros

Releases - EPs


Variations by CTM, artwork by Cæcilie Trier, Pernille Nygaard & Stefan Bjørklund

Variations is the debut EP of CTM, the main project of wonder woman Cæcilie Trier.

Forever Grinning

"Forever Grinning" cover art by Nis Bysted

Forever Grinning is an exclusive EP by Thulebasen featuring remixes by Eric Copeland (Black Dice), Lucky Dragons, Hhappiness, Gala Drop and Lamburg Tony.

B-sides & Sea Sights

"B-sides & Sea Sights" cover art by Aske ZIdore

B-sides & Sea Sights by Kala-OK is a cassette tape limited to only 50 units (okay, it's also digitally available).


"Ø)(Ø" cover art by Aske Zidore

This is contemporary classical music from Andrea Welz. The record was released on cassette tape in only 50 units in total. A download voucher comes with the tape giving you access to high quality MP3s.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

"The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" cover art by Aske Zidore & Simon Muschinsky

This is the limited cassette tape release of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen EP. We've made 50 copies of this gem.

Kirsten & Marie

Cover art for Kirsten & Marie's selftitled debut EP. Photo by Luca Berti

Kirsten & Marie is the debut EP by Kirsten & Marie. The EP consists of three songs including the mini-indie-hit "My Dear" which was in high rotation on national Danish radio for more than 6 months.

Carry Yourself

Shout Wellington Air Force - Carry Yourself (cover art)

Carry Yourself is the debut EP by Shout Wellington Air Force, at the time a lofi indie rock group - later on an experimental band of dimensions.

Now You Know Oh No Ono

When the amazing Danish label Morningside Records closed up in 2010 we inherited the catalogs of Tambourhinoceros-founders Aske & Kristoffer's band