Into Dimensions

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In the past year IRAH have performed select shows in Denmark, always to full houses and critical acclaim. Media has highlighted their unique and intense presence in the music on stage. Earlier this spring their first single also entitled “Into Dimensions” was released and was described by The Line of Best Fit as "An incredible, epic debut single" and soon followed the song “Mirroring” which has enjoyed airplay on several key stations around Europe.

The mini-album is released digitally and on a limited edition vinyl (300 units), it's a reversed board print with a beautiful painting by Jakob Steen Pedersen on the front. 

Choose 'signed vinyl' in the dropdown to have the band put their signatures on your copy! 

Side A is recorded by IRAH in Blågårdskirken Copenhagen
“Fast Travelling“, “Above My Knees” and “Interlude“ mixed by Jan Ussing. “Moon“ mixed by Adi Zukanović

Side B is recorded by Marco Birkner in Funkhause, Berlin
“Into Dimensions”, “Showering Layers off My Skin“ and “Postlude“ mixed by Mads Brinch Nielsen
“Mirroring“ has been mixed by Adi Zukanović

Music composed and performed by IRAH
Lyrics by Stine Grøn
Mastered by Emil Thomsen, ET Mastering
Painting, layout and design by Jakob Steen Pedersen