Check out the single discography of Danish independent record label Tambourhinoceros.

Releases - Singles

Silent Lover

HÔN, Silent Lover

"Silent Lover" is the debut single of HÔN - the alter ago of Jesper Lidang (The Rumour Said Fire).

It's produced by Thulebasen's Nis Bysted.

Time Machine

Palace Winter, Time Machine - digital packshot

“'Time Machine' is about wanting to travel back to when your parents were at the peak of their youth. A place in time where we're all the same age, share the same thoughts, worries and dreams.” - Carl Coleman

lost u

Rangleklods - lost u - cover art by Stefan Björklund

Electronic duo Rangleklods (Esben Nørskov Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen) are back with new music from their forthcoming album.

Solhyldest 1. del

Solhyldest 1. del by Frisk Frugt

The first single from Frisk Frugt's album Den Europæiske Spejlbue

Body on the Bones

Cancer - Body on the Bones

The second single from the mini-abum Ragazzi by Cancer. Cancer is a duo consisting of When Saints Go Machine lead singer and producer Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild and Chorus Grant lead singer and guitarist Kris

Song for Ana Mendieta

Song for Ana Mendieta - The New Spring

"Song for Ana Mendieta" is the 2nd single from The New Spring's third album Late Bloomer


Keys / 128 by Hooray For Earth

"Keys" is the first single from Hooray For Earth sophomore album Racy

The 7" b-side features the track "128" (not on the album). It's released digitally on August 18.

Thought Walker

Treefight For Sunlight - Thought Walker

This is the 3rd single from Treefight For Sunlight's sophomore album Pizza

The Hours of the Day

The New Spring - The Hours of the Day, artwork

This is the first single of The New Spring's 3rd album Late Bloomer (Sep 15, 2014).

Same Color as Digital Photography

The first single by Cancer. From the mini-album Ragazzi.

Cancer is a duo consisting of Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine) and Kristian Finne (Chorus Grant).

Somewhere in the Future

Treefight For Sunlight, Somewhere in the Future
"Somewhere in the Future" is an impressive piece of work that takes Treefight For Sunlight’s insanely catchy pop melodies and explosive rhythmics to even greater heights.

Come Closer

Treefight For Sunlight, Come Closer

Treefight For Sunlight has been in the studio for two years and we’re finally able to give you “Come Closer” - the energetic and very danceable 1st single of the band’s sophomore album.

O Everyone

"O Everyone" is both the first single and the opening track from Chorus Grant's first record on TAMBOURHINOCEROS. 

Skin on Fire

Skin on Fire by 4 Guys From The Future

This is the 2nd single of 4 Guys From The Future's second album Adagio (released on October 28, 2014).

Check out the saxophone people!


Birthgiving Toad - Flowers

This is the first single from Birthgiving Toad's fourth album Served In Its Juices. It's a funky one featuring a light verse-groove you gotta be dead not to tap your feet to, a free-moving bridge reminiscent of 60s rock 'n roll, a

Nothing to Say

"Nothing to Say" is the first radio single from 4 Guys From The Future's album Adagio. This is songwriting par excellence friends!

You Don't Know What You're Doing

4 Guys From The Future - You Don't Know What You're Doing

"a psychologically loaded song. The lyric circles anxiety, doubts, when phobias dominate: it’s about not being able to think oneself out of the repetitions in one’s own mind.

mysteriously in love

An insanely infectious melody melts together with a multitude of drum machines, stealthy guitar and a synth theme that’ll make Kraftwerk-fans drool for more.

Who Do You Love?

"Who Do You Love?" is the first single from the international release of The New Spring's sophomore record Secret Armor.  

Julen Bliver Hvid

Julen Bliver Hvid - artwork by Stefan Bjørklund

A while ago we were approached by the host of Danish alternative radio chart Det Elektriske Barometer about creati


CTM - Jewel, artwork by Stefan Bjørklund

This song is the first single from CTM's debut EP Variations. The song is a songwriting gem of huge dimensions - sit back and listen to the creative use of percussion, the beautiful strings and Cæcilie Trier's breathtaking vocals. 

Stars Are A Sailing

"Stars Are A Sailing" cover art by Aske Zidore

"Stars Are A Sailing" is the first single from the debut album Reminiscence of a Bodily Blues by Kala-OK.

Na Na NaNa NaNa NaNa

"Na Na NaNa NaNa NaNa" cover art by Aske Zidore. Photo by Luca Berti

"Na Na NaNa NaNa NaNa" is the first single from the debut album Newspeak by Kirsten & Marie.


"Monster" artwork by Nis Bysted

"Monster" is the second single from Thulebasen's full-length album Gate 5.

The song's main guitar riff is a monster.

Riddles In Rhymes

"Riddles In Rhymes" cover art by Morten Winther Nielsen

"Riddles in Rhymes" was the third single from Treefight For Sunlight's (f***cing awesome) debut album A Collection of Vibrations For Your Skull. We could easily have released more singles from the record but it had to stop at some point..

The Glow

"The Glow" cover art by Aske Zidore

"The Glow" was the first single from Bastian Kallesøe's solo project The New Spring. The song is from the debut album also called The New Spring from 2011. 

Don't Help Me Up

"Don't Help Me Up" cover art by Aske Zidore

"Don't Help Me Up" was the second single from 4 Guys From the Future's debut album Under The New Morning Sun.

Raga Gemini

"Raga Gemini" was the first single from Thulebasen's second album Gate 5.


"RCEL" cover art by Aske Zidore

"RCEL" was the first single from FCAN's debut album RPEX. 

The album is a so-called visual album with a visual side of the entire record: with the album comes a software-based media player to play the album through.

New Brigade (single)

"New Brigade" cover art by Iceage

"New Brigade" is the first single from Iceage's debut album (also entitled New Brigade).

Life Is Up To You

"Life is up to you" cover art by Aske Zidore

"Life Is Up To You" was the first single from 4 Guys From The Future's debut album Under the New Morning Sun (released on October 25, 2010). "Life Is Up To You" has a compelling and simple structure consisting of a repetitive beat and ver

What Became Of You And I?

"What Became Of You and I?" was the second single from Treefight For Sunlight's debut album A Collection of Vibrations For Your Skull (the first album ever released on Tambourhinoceros).

Facing The Sun

"Facing the Sun" cover art by Karis Zidore

"Facing the Sun" was the first single from Treefight For Sunlight's debut album A Collection of Vibrations For Your Skull. When released the song was a huge hit and "Facing the Sun" was celebrated as the Summer Hit Of The Year by the nati

My Dear

"My Dear" artwork

"My Dear" is the debut single by Kirsten & Marie.

Internet Warrior

"Internet Warrior" cover art by Malene Mathiasson

"Internet Warrior" was the first single from Oh No Ono's sophomore album Eggs. The single quickly became an Oh No Ono signature song and was chosen as single of the week by national Danish radio.

Victim Of The Modern Age

"Victim Of The Modern Age" cover art. Photo by Simon Birk

"Victim of the Modern Age" is a single by Oh No Ono The B-side features a Oh No Ono interpretation of Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" - a song the band played live when touring with their debut album Yes.

Keeping Warm In Cold Country

Oh No Ono - Keeping Warm in Cold Country, artwork by Aske Zidore & Malthe Fischer

"Keeping Warm In Cold Country" is a single from Oh No Ono's debut album Yes. On the B-side there's a live recording of Oh No Ono's cover of The Beatles' groundbreaking song "Tomorrow Never Knows".