Variations by CTM, artwork by Cæcilie Trier, Pernille Nygaard & Stefan Bjørklund

Variations is the debut EP of CTM, the main project of wonder woman Cæcilie Trier. If her name doesn't ring a bell, bandnames like Choir of Young Believers, Chimes & Bells, Valby Vokalgruppe or Le Fiasko probably will and Cæcilie has been a part of all of those (and more).

When playing Variations the listener will quickly discover that CTM is something very new and different compared to Cæcilie's other musical endeavors. Variations  features both upbeat, danceable, catchy and yet very thoughtful songs. 

Variations is released on a beautiful numbered 12" vinyl in 500 units and also digitally. Our very own Aske Zidore produced the EP and Cæcilie Trier, Pernille Nygaard & Stefan Bjørklund made the artwork.

Since we aren't the world's biggest indie label, Variations are released in Scandinavia on Nov 5, 2012 and in the rest of Europe on January 28, 2013. Hopefully the rest of the world will follow. Anyways we'd like you to bear in mind that our webshop ships globally no matter what.

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