WiMP Sessions: The New Spring

WiMP Sessions: The New Spring

Three WiMP sessions was recorded at our friend Tobias' bar Musiksmag in Copenhagen in November 2012. These acts played; Kirsten & Marie, The New Spring and CTM. A small audience of approximately 30 people was invited.

Bastian Kallesøe played some new songs at this concert - and you can stream the full concert exclusively on WiMP.

The audio mix was made by Lars Peter Jensen

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  • 1
    Who Do You Love?
  • 2
    Evening All Day Long
  • 3
    Never Meant To Be
  • 4
    Final Day
  • 5
    No Future (Song for Ana Mendieta)
  • 6
    In the Parlor
  • 7
    Poet’s Mouth
  • 8
    The Mansion (The Hour of the Debutante)
  • 9
    What Will Life Be Like? (Torso)
  • 10
    The Entire Concert