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Annsofie Salomon

Annsofie Salomon is a singer/songwriter and visual artist. While her debut recordings have been slowly growing behind the scenes, Annsofie Salomon has already made a name for herself through a performance at SPOT Festival and a string of shows supporting Alice Boman, Courtney Marie Andrews, and Lowly.

Blossoming from the roots of an upbringing steeped in folk music, Annsofie Salomon's artistic universe has traces of organic folk scattered throughout. But just as she transforms organic subjects into otherworldly images in her visual art, Annsofie Salomon’s sonic landscape uses her songwriting as a canvas for surreal and electronic impressionism.

Annsofie Salomon expands on her roots with contemporary influence in the vein of El Perro Del Mar or Joanna Newsom, artistically gesturing with dissonance and coincidence. She uses her music as the plane in which harmony and dissonance, and narrative and coincidence clash, synthesizing new meaning through the encounter.

The lyrics of her debut single "Soft Dreams" are composed from the titles of her sculptures and paintings, pieces of art that now — by her own hand — rest at the bottom of Copenhagen Harbour.

On its surface, the song follows Salomon's long search for true expression through bouts of artistic frustration and failure. At its depths, "Soft Dreams" is a new sculpture — resurrecting the significance of her sunken ones — and flag, planted in the soil to mark her long awaited arrival.


Annsofie Salomon