In early 2013 Troels Abrahamsen sat down in front the piano at home. The singer and composer who is known as the lead singer of VETO had for many years written and produced his songs on the computer. Troels Abrahamsen realised a change in his songwriting method was needed.

"Since my childhood the piano has had a central role in my life. Therefore it was a success to be back at the piano and have direct contact with an instrument again. For me it became an opportunity to create something new and start over again."

EXEC is analogue music. Troels has worked hard to capture and record the right takes resulting in highly dynamic music. Without religious overtones, the music is, however, inspired by the Nordic salm tradition with its certain harmonies and structures. The lyrics of EXEC is centered around the idea that we are all alone in the world. Troels’ vocal work is phenomenally virtuous and reaches new emotional highs with great range in dynamics and timbre. Since we received the first demos in the summer of 2014 we have been thrilled about the songs and the sound of EXEC.




EXEC - Life is a Liquid (live @ CPH:DOX, Bremen Teater)

Life is a Liquid (live session)

EXEC - The Explanatory Gap

The Explanatory Gap


Efterklang - Stillborn - Video still
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