Grønflammeskoven is a collective of 5 dedicated to create art for children and grown-ups with an intact imagination. Grønflammeskoven is the painter Pernille Nygaard, the two musicians Aske Zidore and Malthe Fisher from Oh No Ono and the two writers Nicolai Koch (PRE-Be-UN) and Anders Jørgensen Mogensen (Escho).

Anders Jørgen Mogensen and Nicolai Koch wrote a story about the adventures of a boy searching for the kite he lost when he was distracted by a big-lipped girl who kissed him. Pernille drew all the amazing figures from the story and Aske and Malthe wrote songs to compliment the story.

In late 2011, Grønflammeskoven was released as a book w. CD, an audiobook plus a vinyl soundtrack. A lot of great artists joined Malthe and Aske on the music side of thing and Grønflammeskoven features names like Jonas Bjerre (Mew), Jesper Mortensen (Junior Senior), Nikolaj Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine), Jannis Noya Makrigiannis (Choir of Young Believers), Christian Hjelm (Figurines), Bjarke Porsmose (4 Guys From The Future), Coco (Quadron) and many many more.


Grønflammeskoven, digital packshot
Grønflammeskoven Soundtrack


Efterklang - Stillborn - Video still
Digital Downloads Now Available on Bandcamp
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November sale launched!
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