IRAH is the brain-child of Copenhagen-based musicians Stine Grøn (vocals) and Adi Zukanović (keyboards). They find creative power in their spiritual awareness and have a truly unique ability to create feelings of unity with their growing audience as well as a sense of being part of something bigger.

IRAH came to life in early 2015 where Adi & Stine improvised together at the Copenhagen music conservatory and instinctively felt a deep musical and spiritual connection between them.

The dreamy alt-pop that arose from the early days of IRAH is inspired by both traditional ceremonial music and modern melodic songwriting. On stage and in the studio they bring a shifting line-up of drummers. On their forthcoming debut album Diamond Grid the drums have been provided by the renowned Seb Rochford (Polar Bear, Patti Smith, Brian Eno etc.).

Adi was born in Sarajevo in Bosnia but fled with his family as a 4 year old to Denmark when the war broke out. At the refugee center Adi found a small keyboard in the playroom and found that playing music opened a whole new world  of calmness for him. Years later Adi is one of the most sought after piano and keyboard players in Denmark and also an arranger for some of the most celebrated Danish symphony orchestras.

Since childhood Stine has felt a pull towards otherworldly ideas and stories, and early on she combined this with her music. Singing and composing from an early stage in her life opened up her creative universe. Her voice has evolved into a seemingly effortless expression that combines improvisational techniques with her deep spirituality. When not playing with IRAH, Stine sings for the sick and dying at hospices and for old people at care centers offering them peace of mind.

Adi’s and Stine’s neverending musical curiosity is at the heart of IRAH.

Both Stine Grøn and Adi Zukanović are virtuous instrumentalists and Adi was awarded with the Danish music critic’s prize for ‘Musician of the Year’ in early 2017 for his work with IRAH as well as other celebrated Danish artists such as Bisse, Kira Skov, Oh Land, and more.