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Treefight For Sunlight

Treefight For Sunlight was among the first batch of signings to Tambourhinoceros back when we started in 2010. Their debut album A Collection of Vibrations For Your Skull from the same year was a big breakthrough for the band with three major radio singles ("Facing the Sun", "What Became of You and I", and "Riddles in Rhymes") and live performances across Europe at festivals like By:Larm, The Great Escape, Green Man Fest, Iceland Airwaves & Bestival. The album also gained the support slots for great and like-minded artists such as The Walkmen and Tame Impala.

Treefight For Sunlight produces next-level alternative pop! It's super eclectic yet catchy as hell. They're tremendous vocalists and 3 out of 4 band-members sing lead vocals.

In 2014 Treefight For Sunlight released the super ambitious, massively produced and well-titled 2nd album Pizza - a real studio album as they're rarely made these days with immense sonic variety and playfullness.


Treefight for Sunlight

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