Lucky Lo's sophomore album releases today!

Lucky Lo's sophomore album releases today!

On her new album, Lucky Lo goes mountain hiking in life’s peaks and valleys — from the deepest darkness to the warmest light. The album captures moments from life’s defining relationships with its vibrant, tender, dansable and loving alternative pop songs

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“It’s important to have a close-knit community. We can't allow ourselves to lose our connection to one another”, says Lo Ersare aka Lucky Lo. Community is a key word for Lucky Lo, where the music is the tool to connect people and create a space for unity, self care and love. Common for the songs on The Big Feel is the connection to those we share our life with: The great love, the close friendship, and together fighting for a better world — all while navigating the map of life in our hands.

Traveling through life’s relationships

The album initiates with the title song “The Big Feel”, where Lucky Lo picks up on the grief she sang about on “Sunrise/Sunset” (from the 2022 album Supercarry). It asks the question, how do we live with the void left by those we lost? “The Big Feel” is an airy and upbeat tune  that turns from darkness towards the light with its heartfelt and outgoing rhythm. “I believe there is hope and comfort to be found in the midst of grief, when you dedicate the relationship to those we have lost to another cause. So every time I sing “Sunrise/Sunset” I carry my friend with me, and there is no greater feeling than that, is there?" asks Lo Ersare.

"Through The Eyes Of A Woman" is inspired by a scene in the TV series Fleabag, where Kristin Scott Thomas' character says to the lead character: 'women are born with pain built within'. This frames the deeply personal yet universal and important narrative presented in an indie-folk ballad closely related to the protest song pioneers Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, where Lucky Lo, in her own way, puts important human experiences into a musical formula. "With every birth comes pain. Often the good kind, because the pain brings life. But it should be a free choice for the owner of that body whether to go through that pain. This made me want to write a song that both celebrates the female body and recognises the pain we are subjected to - both by our own body parts and by society," explains Lo Ersare. The song goes back and forth between vulnerability and strength, and the melancholic and the outgoing — in its essence an indie-folk ballad that puts important human experiences on a musical formula with its expressive and moving melody. “Through The Eyes Of A Woman” is one of Lucky Lo’s most vulnerable songs to date as it encompasses an essential human feeling and right: Freedom. .

The Big Feel further explores the map and get to  more views on life's key relationships: “Hey! Let’s Go” — which is flirting with 80s new-wave and outspoken pop music like Talking Heads — is Lucky Lo’s own way of giving some tailwind to hopeful lovers.

“Alla Tankar På En Gång” is about the fundamental force in friendships, where you catch each other in the sometimes uncontrollable stream the river of life can be. The song is a captivating tune where Lucky Lo  sings in her native tongue Swedish for the first time evoking a Nordic melancholy rooted in Swedish Folk music.

On 'Bound In Blue', the budding infatuation between two people appears out of nowhere with tender vocals, a banjo and a redemptive string arrangement. She sings "We cause love to happen" to remind us that love is something we can choose, maybe the first seed sprouts on its own, but it's up to us to make it grow.

And on the atmospheric and groovy "Peak/Valley", Lucky Lo reflects on  life long love relationships — of any kind — where you move through life's peaks and valleys like mountain hikers, and where you safely and honestly carry and support each other even in difficult times. "Casual Love" is a small tribute to beautiful one-night-stands, and on "Ctrl-Alt-Release" we run into the forest and become one with nature again.

On "A Pretending World", Lucky Lo sings about the world as chaotic and how with each breath we disappear further apart from each other:

“It’s hard to sing along in this mess”

Here's possibly the biggest cry for unity on the entire album, because it's getting warmer (and people are getting colder). It’s an explosive track where Lo Ersare shows the massive power of her signature vocals.

The fight for a better world appears in several places on The Big Feel. One percent of the album's earnings are donated to Earth Percent, a music industry charity that donates money to influential projects that promote green development. Likewise, one percent of all purchases on are donated to the fight against CO2 and the vinyl is made from recycled vinyl materials, FSC-certified cardboard and is completely free of single-use plastics.

Music as a pathfinder

The reception of Lucky Lo has since the debut album captured the attention of both Danish and international listeners with more than 1.3 million streams and over 3000 radio plays across 17 countries. The album is released on the back of a busy festival summer  and with several upcoming and significant activities for Lucky Lo. Here, Lucky Lo embarks on her first headliner tour outside Denmark as well as playing her biggest headliner to date at Copenhagen’s legendary venue Store Vega.

And with her musical precision and sense of seeing people and creating unity, The Big Feel is a promising new chapter for Lucky Lo. “My ambition is to tell stories that can help people find joy and hope, especially while facing life's difficulties. And I believe that one of the greatest tools we have as musicians is to try to make songs that act as a compass in a confusing world”, Lo Ersare concludes.

Tour Dates

Thu, 23rd November, 2023: Kühlhaus, Flensburg, DE
Fri, 24th November, 2023: Prachtwerk, Berlin, DE
Sat, 25th of November, 2023: Bora, Duisburg - DE
Sun, 26th November, 2023: Brotfabrik, Frankfurt, DE
Mon, 27th November, 2023: Helios 37, Cologne, DE
Fri, 12th January 2024: Store Vega, Copenhagen - DK
Fri, 19th January 2024: Train, Aarhus - DK
Sat, 20th January 2024: Posten, Odense - DK
Thu, 25th January 2024: Gimle, Roskilde - DK
Fri, 26th January 2024: Studenterhuset, Aalborg - DK
Sat, 27th January 2024: Harders, Svendborg - DK
Thu, 1st February 2024: Tapperiet, Køge - DK
Fri, 2nd February 2024: Mejeriet, Sønderborg - DK
Sat, 3rd February 2024: Kedelhuset, Silkeborg - DK
Thu, 8th February 2024: Fermaten, Herning - DK
Fri, 9th February 2024: Platform K, Horsens - DK
Sat, 10th February 2024: Gnisten, Ry - DK
Wed, 14th February 2024: Tøjhuset, Fredericia - DK
Thu, 15th February 2024: Bygningen, Vejle - DK
Fri, 16th February 2024: Godset, Kolding - DK
Sat, 17th February 2024: Paletten, Viborg - DK
Thu, 22nd February 2024: Manziusgården, Birkerød - DK
Fri, 23rd February 2024: Klaverfabrikken, Hillerød - DK
Sat, 24th of February, 2024: Banhof Pauli, Hamburg - DE

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