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Palace Winter, by Malthe Ivarsson (2018)

10 year anniversary artist picks feat. Palace Winter

Apr 23, 2020
Quick! Light the candles, pop the champagne, get some of those party kazoos - the ones that unfurl and poke your friends in the eyes while they’re trying to eat their cake.

This year is our 10 year anniversary! One whole miraculous decade. We’ve already rolled out our spring sale as an initial celebration, but we have a bunch of stuff in store this year to celebrate the music that we have released through the years.

When we started Tambourhinoceros, it was with the mission of working with the artists that we love. The only reason we’ve been able to stay true to that mission, however, is because there are music lovers like you who have been supporting us and our artists along the way. So cheers to that!

If you’re new here, well then thanks for joining… you came at a good time! We’re keeping on keeping on, despite the current difficulties in the world. We’ve just announced School of X’s debut album Armlock which will come out on May 29, and we have a few more album announcements later this year that, honestly, we are having trouble keeping under wraps!

To start off our 10th anniversary year, we’ve asked our artists to put together a series of playlists of their favorite music from the Tambourhinoceros discography. And first up is Palace Winter, with their favorite tunes from the past ten years! Take a listen here on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer or Youtube!


  1. 4 Guys From The Future - Skin on Fire
  2. Kala-OK - Misbelieve Me
  3. Chorus Grant - Give it a Name
  4. IRAH - Cinematic
  5. Pardans - Are You Entertained Yet?
  6. Rangleklods - Schoolgirls
  7. Molina - Venus
  8. CTM - Cézanne
  9. Chorus Grant - O Everyone
  10. 4 Guys From The Future - Nothing to Say
  11. CTM - Jewel
  12. The New Spring - In the Spirit of the Revolution

But! If you’re curious about what inspires Palace Winter, make sure to listen soon! We’ll be updating the playlist through the summer with picks from other artists (so you might as well save the playliist for later).

In addition to the spring sale, album announcements, and the Artist Picks playlist, we also have some more big announcements for the fall coming up soon. It’ll be an exciting year… thanks for being with us! Now grab a kazoo while we blow out the candles!

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