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2019 highlights

Dec 31, 2019

While getting ready for 2020, we want to look back on our highlights of 2019. 

The first and most important thing to say is THANK YOU. Having you paying attention to our world makes us feel incredibly privileged and we shall humbly do our best to continue to serve your musical needs in 2020.

During 2019, we’ve had the honours of putting out a fab noisy album by The Entrepreneurs, a truly cosmic record from IRAH, a Nordic folk beauty from Chorus Grant, a poppy banger of a debut from INTET ALTID, an intimate and heartfelt EP from School of X and some gorgeous and adventurous singles by Molina (who’s putting out this EP on Jan 24). 

Learn all about our 2019-releases here.

End of the year is list time - and we’re no exception. We’ve compiled our staff favorites great records in a neat playlist here. You can also follow our New Releases-playlist and On Repeat-playlist for more frequent updates.

Can’t wait to get cracking in 2020 where we’ll present new music from (at least) School of X, Molina Chorus Grant, and Crush.

If you feel like you haven’t heard enough from us in 2019, it might be worth following these polaces if you aren’t doing so already: Newsletter (includes a 20% discount code to our shop) / Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube.

Happy new year everyone. And again, thanks for your time <3.

- Team Tambou

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