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2020 in Review - Hope, Art, Peace and Music

To Hope

Hope is in the air. There is no need to review how 2020 has been. You know how it has been. But with the first vaccines coming on the near horizon—and accompanying them, the prospect of a healthy, open world filled with live, in-person music and connection, hope is in the air. With that said, the past year has been packed full of ever-inspiring music from these artists. At Tambourhinoceros, hope has been driving us all year.

Annsofie Salomon

Annsofie Salomon - Soft Dreams

Annsofie Salomon released her shining debut single "Soft Dreams", a landmark of artistic perseverance...


Molina - Hey Kids (live session)

Molina's EP Vanilla Shell graced year-end lists of, among others, Paste Magazine and Gorilla vs. Bear for the best songs / EPs of 2020...

School of X

School of X - Forgot Me On The Moon

School of X, after starting the year with the release of Interpretations of Destiny, remixes and re-interpretations of his 2019 EP, continued with the release of his debut album Armlock, sensitive and powerful...

Palace Winter

Palace Winter - 1996 (Tennis Court Session)

Palace Winter released their grandiose LP 3, ...Keep Dreaming, Buddy, which Soundvenue called the band's first career milestone...


Communions - Splendour

Communions signed with Tambourhinoceros and released their splendid first single with us, "Splendour"...

Chorus Grant

Chorus Grant - Canem (lyric video)

Chorus Grant released the double single Canem/Prequiem in a bid to bring more light into his artistic work...

Skammens vogn

Skammens vogn - Kunst og rock

And the Danish-language cult favorites released the first single, "Kunst og rock", from their upcoming sixth album of the same name.

To Our Artists

With so many feeling so distant this year, we started a few new initiatives to help bring you closer to our artists.
The Inventory Series

You're here because you love music and you love getting to know the artists behind the music. So why should we write about our artists, we thought, when they would love to tell you about themselves. Inventory is a new series where our artists write about their sources of inspiration. Chorus Grant, School of X, Caspar Hesselager of Palace Winter, and Nikolaj Zeuthen of Skammens vogn have already contributed, and we hope to bring you words from more in '21.
The Playlist Series

In the spirit of bring you closer to the Tambourhinoceros universe, we started a series of playlists this year: The self-explanatory "New Releases" and "Discography" playlists, "Artist Picks" where Tambourhinoceros artists pick their favorite songs from the Tambourhinoceros catalog, "Happy Birthday To..." which celebrates the releases with anniversaries each week, and the "On Repeat" and "Favorite Records of the Year" playlists, which are the go-to's in the office.

To World Peace

To celebrate our ten year anniversary, we released The Tambourhinoceros World Peace Compilation, a 26 song digital album with highlights from our decade long history of championing adventurous music. Together with the new World Peace t-shirts and sweatshirts, it is also a toast to the future we hope to help usher in.

To the Year Ahead

We're looking so much forwards to 2021. Many of the artists listed above have more new music on the way in the new year. We also plan on bringing you a different kind of newsletter; both less newsy and less lettery.

Until then, have a happy holidays, a happy new year, and here's to hope, art, world peace and the year ahead.