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All Things in the Loft

In her sophomore single “All Things”, Annsofie Salomon shared the story of her ghostly and haunting, yet undeniably hopeful journey with mental health.

Following her debut single “Soft Dreams” (Nov. 12, ‘20) which similarly shines with perseverance and hope, Annsofie Salomon’s sophomore single displayed her beautiful wavering voice complimented by divine organ and chaotic synthesizers—growing from sparse, dark and vulnerable, to powerful and triumphant.

Annsofie Salomon - All Things (Loft Session)

In her newest live session filmed in her loft at home, the growing organ, synths and drums are stripped away, leaving Salomon alone, bravely recounting her story over her guitar.

Annsofie Salomon - Soft Dreams (live session)


Annsofie Salomon - Soft Dreams


Annsofie Salomon