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Anniversaries for Molina & CTM

Tambourhinoceros is celebrating two dear anniversaries this week. The two vinyls are on sale in our web shop. Listen to them here and read below:

Molina - Vanilla Shell (2020)

The Danish-Chilean singer, producer and songwriter is celebrating the one-year anniversary of her sophomore EP: a left-field pop masterpiece which raked in year-end praise from Paste, Gorilla vs. Bear, HighClouds, and Pitchfork founder Ryan Schreiber.

Molina - Parásito

CTM - Suite for a Young Girl (2016)

Bridging the worlds between classical, experimental, jazz, pop, and obscure folk, is CTM's wonderful debut album of patchwork textures, cinematic narration and grand-scale orchestration.

CTM - Cézanne


CTM - Saul | WiMP Sessions


CTM - Escorted/The Road