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Anti-Valentines Day Sale

For those that are broken hearted and/or suffering from their annual case of existential dread as Valentine's day approaches, this is for you.

We're putting a selection of tear-jerking records on sale here.

Some for the broken hearted...

School of X - Armlock

School of X - Flowers

Cancer - Totem

Cancer - Tears

4 Guys From the Future - Adagio

4 Guys From The Future - Skin On Fire

...and some for the existentially afflicted...

Chorus Grant - Vernacular Music

Chorus Grant - No Word for the Word

EXEC - The Limber Real

EXEC - The Explanatory Gap





Chorus Grant - Chamber One


Chorus Grant


4 Guys From The Future - Don't Help Me Up


4 Guys From The Future


School of X - I'll Never Be Ready To Die (live recording)


School of X