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Cancer (2016) by Simon Birk

Cancer Release Debut Album Totem!

Feb 02, 2017

We are thrilled that Cancer’s debut album Totem finally is out! 

It was released January 27th and has already received a brilliant reception from key media, internationally as well as in their home country Denmark

Since the release of their beautifully evocative third single “Esca” we have been looking much forward to uncover the full-length album.

Read recommendation of Totem in independent art magazine Nothing but Hope and Passion by clicking the following link here 

Totem is the debut album of Danish duo Cancer, following their successful EP Ragazzi from 2014. Consisting of 11 songs recorded through the past 1,5 years, Totem is a highly emotional and delicate piece of art. Through 53 minutes of enthralling music the listener is invited to rest in a poetic sonic space that is as conflicted as it is calming.

Throughout the album there is a lyrical accuracy that is backed by an equally on point rhythm section, courtesy of Moogie Johnson (bass) and Tobias Tangaa Lange (drums). Each instrument manifests itself in a crystalline sonic space where even the smallest of sounds contributes to the brightness of the composition, making this album a multi-faceted and sophisticated musical experience.

Kristian og Nikolaj are very excited to finally be releasing their debut album:

“Totem is the result of a long journey for us both musically and personally. It feels like we have been submerged in an underwater cave and now finally reach the surface and breathe fresh air into our lungs. It is liberating and intoxicating to be able to hold the album in our arms and we are very proud of the music and songs we have created.”

Get it on vinyl and digitally here

Watch the music video of single "Die One More Time" here