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Chorus Grant Live From Home… With Protective Gloves

In the middle of Italy, the European coronavirus ground-zero, is Son of Marketing. The Italian online music magazine hasn’t slowed down one step in the face of the outbreak, and has organized a live session series entitled “Live Home Sessions”, which we are thrilled to share that Chorus Grant was one of the invited artists for (following a live performance from School of X)

Following the 2019 album Vernacular Music (which you can listen to here) it’s great to see that the band has still got it. And by it, we mean intricate, eerie harmines, intimacy, and protective blue latex gloves (although admittedly that last one is a new addition).

The live version of “Ship on the Wall” featured here takes us into Chorus Grant’s Kristian Finne Kristensen’s home studio, adorned with a mandolin, banjo and keyboards. But in Corona-times-like style, the band strips down the song to it’s most bare and sombre elements with sparse classical guitar, their trademark ghostly vocal harmonies, and an occasional note on the keyboard.

“Night grows as it covers the house”, they sing, opening the song, and fittingly musing on the current state of affairs. Yet at the same time, we can’t help but feel like Kristensen’s blue latex glove with which he frets his guitar is a subtle hint towards hope: that music will find a way to go on in spite of the world’s changes.

Chorus Grant - "Godplans" & "Taxi Off the Password"


Chorus Grant - O Everyone


Chorus Grant