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Chorus Grant Picks His Tambou Faves

And the 10 year anniversary rolls on! Next week we’re heading out on summer vacation, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t leave you with some tunes in the meantime.

Last month, Hooray of Earth took over the Tambou playlisting duties, and they have passed the torch on to Chorus Grant, who will be the next sonic guide through the past 10 years of Tambourhinoceros history. Take a listen here and happy summer holidays! <3

-CTM - ‘Escorted/The Road’

-4 Guys From The Future - ‘Skin on Fire’

-Exec - ‘Going Under’

-Thulebasen - ‘Raga Gemini’

-August Rosenbaum - ‘Angelo - Solo Piano’

-The Entrepreneurs - ‘Morning Son’

-Kirsten & Marie - ‘Runnning’

-School of X - ‘I'll Never Be Ready to Die’

-Palace Winter - ‘Dependance’

-The New Spring - ‘Hi Mom’

-Grønflammeskoven - ‘Vindens Vise’

Chorus Grant - Live at NorthSide 2014


Chorus Grant


Chorus Grant - O Everyone (acoustic television perfomance)


Chorus Grant - Ballad Of The Wandering Eye


Chorus Grant