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Every Second of You is a Second of Me

Sep 09, 2021
Lucky Lo hails from Umeå in northern Sweden where, in the summer, the sun never quite sets; sunset melts into sunrise.

This image provides a backdrop of moving symbolism for her newest song "Sunrise/Sunset" about carrying on the light of a lost friend, out today.

Death always comes unexpectedly” says Lucky Lo. “My friend was one of those people who had such a life force that you thought she was invincible. But at the age of 33 she lost her battle to cancer.

She was a musician like me and our lives had led almost parallel paths, with hers a little bit ahead. I looked at her like a version of my future self. But her passing triggered something in me I did not expect.

It is as if her dreams live on in me, and I have to finish them for her. What would she do if she had my breath? What would she say?

The accompanying film by Japanese filmmaker Maya Matsuura is less of a music video and more of a video portrait of Lucky Lo and her family at their home outside of Umeå, capturing their intimate moments.

The video has a slow tempo and no clear narrative. It is more like a cinematic collection of memories,” says Lo. “When you lose someone close to you it makes you want to rekindle life and reach out to your loved ones. This video portrait is made from a wish to make a memory for my family that will last forever. This is where I come from, and this is what I want to remember always.” 

Sunrise/Sunset” comes on the heels of “Supercarry”, Lucky Lo’s last single about supporting the people around you, her vision of radical love—a vision which shines through in Sunrise/Sunset and establishes a clear red thread through all of her singles so far.