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I Am Nature's Bird of Passage—New Single and Album From Communions

“Bird of Passage” works like the chorus for the entire record. It centers around the idea that people constantly transform and reinterpret the past in new ways by constructing narratives around themselves” says Communions' lead singer Matin Rehof.

Communions - Bird of Passage

Through shimmering, grand feeling guitar hooks and emotional vocals, Communions show us on their new single "Bird of Passage" how personal identity is intertwined with, and shaped by larger forces.

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“Bird of Passage” tries to put words to the themes of change and variability; that one is never the same person from one day to another” says lead singer Martin Rehof, introducing the theme of self-understanding that’s at the center of Communions’ upcoming sophomore album Pure Fabrication, announced with the single.

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Bird of Passage” is a personal statement on identity-crisis and confusion, inspired by Rehof’s experience of moving from Denmark to the United States and back again. Communions’ Rehof brothers, though born in Denmark, lived for 11 years in Seattle before moving back to Copenhagen in their teens. “The refrain “I make my kingdom everywhere” is not an empowering line, but rather an ironic one that attempts to gauge the paradox of being everywhere and nowhere at once” says Martin.

About the song's music video directed by Jonas Leibo Communions says ""Bird of Passage" is about the kind of identity crisis that emerges as a natural consequence of life’s variability; of the fact that one’s self is constantly changing, never the same from one day to the next. The video tries to capture this visually by showing Mads walking through an endless series of opening doors, with no way of turning back. The concept of the video is about moving through different phases of life. In the video, like the song, memory plays a role. The video utilizes a split screen, highlighting the theme of a split identity; Mads and Martin are split up by the screen, but ultimately together in their childhood memories.

Accompanying “Bird of Passage” is the announcement of Communions’ sophomore album Pure Fabrication. The album will mark Communions’ seventh year running with new music, after they broke onto the scene with their 2014 debut EP Cobblestones.

Pure Fabrication, a 15 song, hour-long odyssey of an album, is a reverse coming of age story, a treatise on cultural inheritance and self-discovery, and Communions’ most cohesive output to date. “It’s a more mature realization of all of the experiments we have made, an album that, in my view, incorporates all of our best sides from each previous release” says Martin Rehof.

“Bird of Passage” follows on the heels of “Splendour”, the first single from Pure Fabrication, and Communions’ first release on Tambourhinoceros.