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I Will Supercarry You

Jun 17, 2021
Although debut artist Lucky Lo only just introduced herself via her debut single “Heart Rhythm Synchronize”—a song about syncing heartbeats through love and song—her second single “Supercarry” and its accompanying dance/music video is already establishing a bright, red thread through her music and her message: the transformational power of radical love.

Through a thrilling combination of super-catchy alt-pop songwriting, progressive arrangement, and her soaring, dreamy vocals, Lucky Lo invents a new word—“Supercarry”—to describe her loving mission… and invents a new dance to show what “Supercarry-ing” looks like in real life.

Swedish musician Lo Ersare, based in Copenhagen, describes the heavy impetus for the song: “In Scandinavia we have an incredible safety net. We live a safe, rich lifestyle on paper, but we are also the countries where the most people die alone. We have the capacity to be more inclusive, and we could use this power for the good of others and for enriching our lives.

But as is becoming a theme in her writing, Lo takes the hard subject and flips it upside-down: “So much could be solved if we were to take more care of each other—check in with each other more. It makes you feel strong; like a good human being; an everyday superhero. The idea of doing the opposite of self care, or that social care is self care, is what I want to communicate.

The subject’s gravity can be felt in the heaviness of the bass, but the song’s dancing guitar and dreamy vocals point towards Lo’s radically hopeful, loving vision: “This song is about lifting others up, and letting yourself be lifted. It is about putting someone else’s needs in front of your own, and trusting that you will get the same care in return.

We all have the capacity to “Supercarry” someone.

Lucky Lo walks the walk in her accompanying dance-workout music video, directed by Phillip Jørgensen and choreographed by Freja Kreutzfeldt—an act of Supercarry-ing in and of itself. “Our vision was to unite people in an act of Supercarry-ing through a choreography in which people are both being lifted up and let go... a celebration of the strength of vulnerability. We want to encourage people to get up, move and take action—to Supercarry and to be Supercarried.