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Blondage (2015) by Danni Riddertoft

Introducing Blondage (FKA Rangleklods)

Mar 23, 2016

Yes, that's right - our favorite electronic pop-duo is changing their name to Blondage.

On the changing their name, Pernille says: “We’ve released records with Rangleklods that we’re extremely proud of. But we need a new beginning for us to keep evolving. We’re changing our name to Blondage, and our main focus is to make edgy electronic pop tunes. The name Blondage is a contraction of ‘blond’ and ‘bondage’ and to us it combines naivety and daydreaming with aggression and sensuality. It has given us an empty canvas and a greater creative energy than we’ve ever had”.

Here's a video-message from the band.

New music from Blondage will be released sooner than you know...

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