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Kleo, photo by Fiona Aagaard

Introducing Kleo

Apr 21, 2022
We're beyond excited to present our new signing Kleo to you. She's playing her debut show at SPOT Festival in a few weeks and we can't wait to reveal the absolutely glorious recordings we'll release in a not too distant future.

Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Kleo writes by the piano; scenes from love stories viewed through the eyes of starry-eyed youth. Reflecting on the juxtapositions of life, light and darkness, yin & yang, and conjuring a hybrid universe of Vedic astrology, hyperromance and rock’n roll. This is dream pop and velvet vocals, it’s Leonard Cohen’s view from the monastery and Lana Del Rey walking through the cobbled stoned streets of Copenhagen. 

Watch Kleo perform "Broken Hallelujah" below and give her a follow on Instagram and Facebook.