IRAH - Worship the Sun Concerts & New Video!

IRAH - photo by Jonas Fogh

IRAH shares new video of their beautiful song "Interlude" taken from their acclaimed debut album Into Dimensions - released on October 14 last year.

The song is an intimate and delicate a capella piece build from the pure and expressive voice of leadsinger Stine Grøn. A bold statement and a musically captivating experience.

Filmed on a rooftop in Copenhagen around dusk the video sets a beautiful scene letting the city soundscape and birdsong accompany the stunning vocals of Stine Grøn.

“The song came into being during a song-meditation. It had a loving message that one shouldn't translate with your intellect. So we let it keep its own meditative language.” - Stine Grøn

Watch video of "Interlude" by Jakob Steen here

Listen to the debut album Into Dimensions here

IRAH is furthermore announcing a tour, which they have given the beautiful title Worship the Sun Concerts, across Denmark. Consisting of 6 shows in the autumn 2017 the audience will have the pleasure of experiencing the warmth and unique presence that IRAHs shows are known for. 


Worship the Sun Concerts

  • 28. sep 2017    Studenterhuset, Aalborg - DK (Tickets)

  • 29. sep 2017    Radar, Aarhus - DK (Tickets)

  • 30. sep 2017    Sønderborghus, Sønderborg - DK (Tickets)

  • 05. okt 2017    Harder's, Svendborg - DK (For sale on May 22)

  • 06. okt 2017    Studenterhus, Odense - DK (Tickets)

  • 07. okt 2017    Lille Vega, København - DK (Tickets)



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