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Liminal Works for Sjælsmark

Hey again from your friends at Tambourhinoceros. We know, we know, there is no shortage of enraging news these days, and it can feel futile for us to move our attention from one to the next. But when listening to music aligns with helping people (which it doesn’t at 2:00AM on a Sunday… looking at you, upstairs neighbors), then we of course have to support the cause.

Our friends at the Big Oil Recording Company put together this fantastic compilation album Liminal Works 2020, including songs by School of X and Chorus Grant. All proceeds of Liminal Works 2020 go towards “Together WE PUSH”, a grassroots, volunteer organization which buys groceries and organizes events for the detainees in the Sjælsmark refugee center.

Sjælsmark is one of many detention centers in Denmark that use blatantly inhumane and criminal shows of force to dissuade future asylum seekers from entering the country. The following is a quote from former Danish Immigration Minister, Inger Støjberg, just in case you haven't read it before.

“I believe that we must detain as many rejected asylum seekers as possible. What it's all about is how far we can go in relation to international conventions.” (source)

Support the rejected asylum seekers... detainees... or let's just call them what they are... prisoners... by buying Liminal Works 2020 here

School of X - I'll Never Be Ready To Die (live recording)


School of X


Chorus Grant - Hibernation Drill


Chorus Grant