New Single from Skammens Vogn Out Now!

Danish cult group Skammens Vogn releases their first single ”Forelsket” from their forthcoming 4th studio album Sukaley! and we are so excited to share it with you!

Since the release of the group’s latest album Asfalt in 2013, they are now ready to introduce an exciting new tune while we await the full album out on March 3rd 

The group’s music settles somewhere between refreshingly unpretentious Danish poetry and catchy alternative rock and in many ways avoids being restricted of genre-definition. While the lyricism of Zeuthen is the center of the songs, the group excels through their empathetic and inventive instrumental arrangements constituting the optimum settings for the songs.

On the new single “Forelsket” the group explores the ever-relevant theme of love through a blunt story of the direct nature of passion and infatuation.

Lyricist and singer Nikolai Zeuthen elaborates on the song:

"On our last record we experimented with something that appeared to be a love-song for the first time, but this time we go all the way. The song is a real lament for unfulfilled love added an epic guitar-solo and everything. The song came at a time where a couple of the bandmembers were lovesick. So the theme interested us even more intensely in the weeks of the songs development."

Listen to “Forelsket” here

Watch the music video for "Forelsket" here


Preorder Sukaley! here


Skammens vogn - Sukaley - digital packshot
Skammens vogn


Skammens vogn - Sukaley - digital packshot
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