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Not So Secret Anymore - Secret Armor Turns 8

Eight years ago on May 7, 2012, Bastian Kallesøe of The New Spring released his sophomore album, Secret Armor! This year we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary at Tambourhinoceros, and though we were just babies back then, Secret Armor shows that The New Spring was definitely not!

Following his 2011 eponymous debut album, Secret Armor displays The New Spring’s musical growth from a stripped down, bedroom recorded, folk sound into one of fully developed, experimental production.

Over his four-album discography, The New Spring has shown us unique guitar fingerpicking - often evoking images of Nick Drake - and masterful songwriting. And in each subsequent album, he seems to extend his entrancing arrangements and story-telling into new territory, always honoring the songs at their center.

Each song on Secret Armor was recorded in one take, staying true to this vision of the ‘pure’ song. What resulted from this mission was not just an honest, truthful album, but a full live session video of the entire recording process for you to watch below.

In our estimation, It’s this devotion to honesty in music that has endured through to today. Happy anniversary, Bastian!

The New Spring - Secret Armor Studio Sessions