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Our First Audiobook

Oct 12, 2020
Back in 2011, just one year after Tambourhinoceros' inception, we were already starting to think about restructuring the company.

Just like Kodak transitioned out of photography, we were going to transition out of music and into... audiobooks!

Well, we never fully committed to the endeavour, but Grønflammeskoven's self titled album/audiobook, released nine years ago this week, was a proud first effort!

The album features 25 tracks of childrens stories written by Malthe Fisher and Aske Zidore, and musical accompaniment from members of acclaimed Danish bands When Saints Go Machine, Figurines, Choir of Young Believers, Mew, Oh No Ono, Kirsten & Marie4 Guys From the Future, and many more.

Take a listen to it on our "Happy Birthday To..." playlist here