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Palace Winter’s Caspar Hesselager Covers CTM

Jun 05, 2020
To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of our Tambourhinoceros family, Palace Winter’s Caspar Hesselager has put together a series of piano covers of songs by other Tambou artists.

We rarely see Caspar (a classically trained pianist) keeping his fingers away from knobs and patch-cables these days. Yet, with the gigantic modular synth rack sitting seductively on top of his piano, Hesselager is somehow able to resist temptation in this beautiful acoustic cover of CTM’s ‘Variations’.

Check it out below, and also check out the original of Cæcilie Trier’s original here.

And if Hesselager’s alluring synthesizer leaves you craving some knob-twisting, cable-plugging analog madness as much as it does with us, keep an eye out for some news from Palace Winter soon ;)