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Playing With Fire

Jun 16, 2021
School of X’s summer-ready single "Feel of It" now has a music video, out today, directed by Sif Lina and featuring School of X’s Rasmus Littauer being chased... by a man on fire.

The idea for the video was to do something with strong symbolism: the fire hunting the man.” says Littauer. “It symbolizes all these emotions and temptations that you struggle with, and how they either push you ahead or bring you down.

School of X’s upcoming sophomore album Dancing Through The Void (Sept. 24) is “an ode to live and be exactly who you are no matter the noise that surrounds you” says Littauer. We can see this sentiment in the video as his expression transforms from panicked to playful as the video progresses, eventually embracing the chase, as he smirks at the camera over his shoulder.

Pre-save/pre-order Dancing Through The Void here.