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Playlist update feat. M83, Grandaddy, SOHN and more

Here's lots of new tunes loved by us and conveyed to you! Playlists are available on both Spotify & Deezer.

New adds this week

  • "Roses in Water" by Sunny Day Real Estate (Sub Pop)
  • "Walkway Blues" by M83 (Na├»ve)
  • "Bum Bum Bum" by Cass McCombs (Anti)
  • "Girl in Amber" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (Bad Seed ltd)
  • "Way We Won't" by Grandaddy (grandaddy)
  • "Signal" by SOHN (4AD)
  • "Maybe Chain" by Sean Nicholas Savage (Arbutus)
  • "Fear o The Light" by Katie Dey (Joy Void Recordings)
  • "My Medicine" by Masasolo (Antiphonics)


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