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Rangleklods by André Hansen

Rangleklods signs to Tambourhinoceros

Mar 29, 2023
Here's some major news for ya'll: Rangleklods returns to the Tambourhinoceros family for his upcoming music!

If you're a long time devotee of our doings, you'll now that we put out a glorious record called Straitjacket by Rangleklods back in 2015. So it's with great pleasure that we welcome back Rangleklods to our roster.

Rangleklods is an electronic wizard who navigates a universe of musical dualities. The music simultaneously reflects the past and the future, blending melancholic songwriting with euphoric productions in soundscapes that fluidly shift between organic and electronic sounds. It’s music with a pulsating, club-like sound that also draws inspiration from rock, pop, disco, and hip hop. The multifaceted musical inspirations are reflected in the live experience, where the many live elements of the performance stand in stark contrast to the classic laptop concert often seen in the electronic scene.

Rangleklods is the Copenhagen-based songwriter and producer Esben Nørskov Andersen. who as Rangleklods is both playful and spontaneous while insisting on a wealth of details in his productions. Rangleklods intuitively draws upon life's many experiences and different chapters as inspiration for his lyrics. It's not just about life's ups and downs, but also about the days in between, where doubt coexists with the small joys and sorrows of everyday life. The music invites movement and euphoria with others, but also encourages dancing with closed eyes and arms around oneself, as a loving reminder to listen to and be one with one's own body and consciousness.

We can't wait to reveal the first new music (it won't be long – promise).

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