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School of X Releases Music Video - On the Grocery Store Floor

Sep 01, 2020
Following School of X’s May 29 release of his debut album Armlock, Rasmus Littauer is hitting us with his visual interpretation of ‘Flowers’.

Check it on Facebook here or via the player below.

This arty interpretation of Armlock’s most free-form song plunges us inside of a fish tank before meeting Littauer’s eyes as he awkwardly lies motionless on the floor of a grocery store.

“I should have lost myself to you” he sings repeatedly, soy sauce and mayonnaise at his feet. At risk of boring you with our film theory, the contrast Littauer creates between the familiar supermarket and his awkward pose on the floor creates a strange, Lynchian atmosphere; being totally alone, unable to move, in a setting that is usually full of activity.

‘Flowers’ also features American multi-instrumentalist Spencer Zahn (Kimbra) who School of X collaborated with while producing Armlock in New York City.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to listen to School of X’s masterful debut album Armlock here