Spring Sale 2020 launched | TAMBOURHINOCEROS | A record label and music publisher

Spring Sale 2020 launched

Today we’re launching our annual spring sale! Our foremost joy is helping our artists’ music reach your ears and your hearts. So, we hope that if there is some music that you’ve connected with, this will make it just a little bit easier in these tough times to continue that connection.

So here’s the deal, every single CD and vinyl we have in stock is reduced in price between 12 and 71%.

Cheap CDs are 3.99€, middle priced are 5.99€, and the most expensive are down to 7.99€.

For vinyl, you can find the cheap ones for 4.99€, middle priced for 8.99€, some for 11.99€, and our 2xLPs and new releases down to 14.99€.

That’s a lot of different prices, but the moral of the story is that everything is under 15 euros, and some are cheaper than any pint of beer you can find here in Copenhagen.

So without any further adieu, the doors to the shop are now open! And yes, hoarding is allowed ;)

Go to the spring sale here