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The Bicycle Cassettes Turn 8

I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my... actually, we cannot responsibly condone riding a bike while listening to the Bicycle Cassettes.

Comprised of three albums, For Awkward CompanyAs Fruit Hat, and Music for Young Centaurs, the Bicycle Cassettes were manic-prog artist Birthgiving Toad's eclectic, unhinged entrance into the world.

There is something so viscerally off-kilter about the remarkable debut trilogy that we feel obliged to warn you to stay off the road while listening, in fear that the swerving songs evoke the same in your steering.

Back in the good ol' early days of Tambourhinoceros, we released 50 copies of the Bicycle Cassettes, complete with hand-cut artwork and retro VHS-style box set (oh yeah, 2012). Although the cassettes are long gone, we've just put together this playlist so you can enjoy the whole Bicycle Cassette experience from start to finish here!



There is actually one box set for sale on Discogs here if you fancy the real analog deal ;)


Birthgiving Toad