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The Boys Are Back With "Kunst og rock" and Album News

"Do you remember when we would go crazy with art and rock?" asks Skammens vogn's Nikolaj Zeuthen.

With that question — remembering the simplicity of joy of where their passion began — comes "Kunst og rock", the first single and the title track from Skammens vogn's sixth studio album, to be released on March 5, 2021.

Skammens vogn - Kunst og rock

Instead of singing from a longing perspective of long-lost golden days, lead singer Nikolaj Zeuthen says that the song is first and foremost a warm and loving recognition of the starting point for it all:

"...the cheerful, energetic rock which, in our pure youth, drove us wild with joy and imagination. And the art, which later became a superstructure. A way of thinking and acting  a liberation  something big, loving and unifying."

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Skammens vogn