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The Inventory of Nikolaj Zeuthen

The Inventory Series is an ever-growing stockhouse of information and inspiration. An appreciation of all things creative. A place where creative professionals share resources for discovery and inspiration: the tools of creation.

This is Nikolaj Zeuthen's Inventory:


"Friendship is inspiring. A friend can encourage you. A friend is happy to read your new poem or to hear your latest song. The knowledge that there is someone on the other end – that is very important. A true friend will appreciate even your weirdest experiments. He will look at what you do with love and forgiveness. Friendship is about trust. So is music. With every new song you take a step into the unknown. You are walking in thin air. Friendship is finding trust. It is an example of trust and a channel for trust. A friend can remind you that we are only playing a game. A friend will remind you that the game should be taken very seriously. A friend is a constant reminder that we are never alone."



"Inspiration is about finding a source. Sometimes the source will force itself on you. But don't sit and wait around for that. Inspiration is a stupid grad student, someone once said. Or something to that effect. Where are your sources? What are they? Think it over. You can choose not to. You can choose to walk around in the dark. And now and then you will stumble upon something. But that's no fun in the long run. What are your sources? It pays off to be knowledgeable sometimes.

In general, you should find your sources outside yourself. In broad daylight. And you should go for the ones that never dry up. Open your eyes. Do not write it. Just write it down. What do you see, what do you hear? We want you to share it. Know that you are part of a tradition. And that it is your responsibility to keep it alive. Actually, you don't have to do much. Don't try to be a genius. Open your senses. Steal from the old timers. Steal from the old books. When your sources are outside yourself, you can always write a song. When you really want to. Do it."



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