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The New Spring anniversary

Today, March 28, it is 6 years ago since we released this beautiful debut album The New Spring by The New Spring aka Bastian Kallesøe.

The album is a poetic and musical study of love and of having the courage to love – for better or worse.

During recordings the studio and the apartment were populated with friends sleeping over, baking bread or singing along on the record. Isolation is not a condition for creation; productivity arises in the encounter with the other human being, just like love arises this way.

Bastian Kallesøe has written all the material for the record while Aske Zidore has done the recording and mixing. Jesper Lidang and Søren Lilholt from The Rumour Said Fire can be heard on backing vocals.

Bastian is currently finishing his 4th studio album and we are really excited to be sharing soon!

Listen to The New Spring here