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The New Spring

The New Spring's Wish List

Dec 08, 2021
With the holiday season and gift shopping coming up, we’ve asked our family to send over their wish list for the season. This is The New Spring's wish list:

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Communions - Pure Fabrication
"This was one of my favorite Danish albums of this year. I've followed Communions ever since their early days and I really like what they have grown into as a band. Pure Fabrication is very ambitious and colorful in its productions, but the songwriting maintains a clear and indistinguishable signature. This album just feels very natural and easy-flowing, while still uncovering new ground."

Skammens Vogn - Kunst og Rock
"Also a returning favorite band of mine. No one else sounds like them, and how often can you say that about an artist and actually mean it? Their new album Kunst og Rock was a clear highlight of the year for me. The lyrics never cease to amaze me and they usually set off a series of conflicting emotions in me. There is something quite unsettling about the saddest moments. And there is something equally unsettling about the more joyous moments. To me, Skammens Vogn is music for the mud of life and in my opinion no one does it better. The sound of mud, that is."

Molina - Vanilla Shell
"Molina's Vanilla Shell is definitely on my wish list. I really like the unpredictable songwriting and the flow of melodic structures constantly intertwining and breaking apart again. There's so much going on in only 6 songs and it moves from this sort of Kate Bush-esque drama to a more laid-back (but strange) pop feel. There's something uncanny about Molina and to me it's just pop music in a very modern way."

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