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The New Spring's Year List 2015!

It's once again time for the always delightful year list from The New Spring – this year entitled "How to get closer to the moon":

1) Accept that no one has ever walked on the moon - and no one ever will

2) Accept that you can only look up at the moon, admire it and think about it

3) In order to get closer to the moon, it is important to clear out some misunderstandings:

4) People think that moonlight is a reflection of the sun. This is wrong, the light comes from a source deep within the moon

5) People think that the waters of the earth are affected by the movements of the moon (the rise and fall of the seas, etc.). This is wrong, the moon does not affect the earth in any way (it is not interested)

6) People think that the earth is round. Actually it is flat (and we're round). We are standing on the FLAT earth looking up into the abyss. The moon is just as flat as the earth

7) People from Copenhagen have never seen the moon. People from Copenhagen can look at a kiosk sign and say: "Look how beautiful the moon is tonight!"

8) People from Jutland (part of Denmark) often stare at the moon until they become soft, stupid monuments, suddenly unable to speak

9) People from Fyn (another part of Denmark) are afraid of the moon, because they believe lost souls are held captured there. People from Fyn never look directly at the moon, but when it lights up the sea at night they become warm around the heart and they remember old friends who got lost

10) It is impossible to photograph the moon. It's a bit like when people try to photograph their boyfriends' or girlfriends' shoulder blades, neck bones, etc. It can't really be done (and often it's a bit boring to look at). As soon as there is love involved, the motive mysteriously escapes the lens. That is why there are no pictures of the moon

11) Now think of the word 'LUNA' - then think of the word 'LUNATIC'. Why is insanity described as 'a sickness of the moon'? Is it dangerous to look at the moon?

12) The answer is found in the sun and how we always understand the moon as its opposite: The sun is work, togetherness and life (a productive life). The moon is standstill, loneliness and death. So the story is written. This should be thought in an entirely different way:

13) The light of the sun anticipates an explosion that will happen (relatively soon)

14) The light of the moon anticipates a radiant, blurry future that is written into your bones

15) The sun is a volcano waiting to erupt. The moon is a mountain below the sea

16) The sun points out the visible. The moon draws out the invisible 

17) The light of the sun REVEALS the world. The light of the moon ENVELOPS the world

18) The sun sees you. The moon longs for you


20) XO, kisses

21) Look up at the moon in December. Clouds drift by and you look into the eye of the wolf

22) Look up at the moon in April. Clouds drift by and you see the mouth of the wolf and its sharp teeth

23) Look up at the moon in August. Clouds drift by and you look straight into the heart of the wolf

24) Are you lonely?

25) You are moving slowly forward in the bushes along the edge of a football field. You are a little fox. It is night and the field is lit by huge floodlights

26) You are at a fitness centre. It is the last scene: The building is locked, all the lights are on and you are alone with the killer 

27) You are in the middle section of a motorway. The lights are blinding you and it feels like your heart will leap out of your chest

28) The year is 1623 and you are the last living Dodo bird. There is no one left to pair with and you are an easy prey (because you are big and heavy and you can't fly). You lay down to rest in a clearing between some trees (there is no point in hiding anymore). The moon lights up your feathers

29) Let your kisses rain down on me, baby

30) Let your kisses rain down on me, baby

31) Louis Armstrong is the only person who has walked on the moon. It happened by accident after a concert in New York in 1969. When the sun rose, he didn't know where he had been and he didn't sleep again until his death in 1971

32) Let your kisses rain down on me, baby

33) Let your kisses rain down on me, baby

34) XOXO, kisses

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