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Treefight For Sunlight - Pizza

Treefight For Sunlight's Pizza turns 3 -  and continues to be young and vibrant!

Consisting of 9 tracks wrapped in a production constantly penduling between the analogue and the digital the album is complex yet immediately appealing and catchy.

On Pizza, Treefight's signature sound of three lead-vocalists, multi-layered productions and old-school instrumental skill is omnipresent and has been taken to a whole new level.

“We recorded the drums on tape in an attempt at escaping the endless editing capabilities of the computer. But we couldn't resist its black hole of options constantly pulling us closer with an enormous gravity. We cut, stretched, pitched, messed around with a wealth of effects and sampled for what seemed as an eternity. It wasn't until the mixing proces that the album came together as a complete universe - a musical pizza." - Morten from Treefight For Sunlight

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Treefight for Sunlight